Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hanging with Nathan.

I've been pretty busy lately, and have neglected the blog. This post can serve as a sort of recap, as well as a photo show of sorts.

I mentioned earlier this month that I took 12 days off from work at the end of the year. During that time, on December 28, I went with Nate into NYC for a daytrip. We took the train, because Nate loves taking the train into New York. We had a hot dog & a Knish from a street vendor. We did a lot of walking around, in addition to riding the subway. We walked through Grand Central Station. All of those activities were fun, and a part of the package, but our main objective on this visit was to see a model train exhibit in the Citigroup Center.

The model train exhibit was definitely worth the trip, and very, very impressive. Imagine an elaborate model train set-up you've seen. This one most likely blew it away. In one section of the 'town' there was a Drive-In Movie Theatre, with a packed lot of customers, watching a real movie! That is to say, there was an actual moving picture on the screen (something black and white, as the setting was the 50's, I believe).

There were 4 sides to the exhibit, each gracefully flowing into the other, and each representing a distinct season. There was also a day/night cycle, with appropriate lighting changes, and neat neon lights, signs, and billboards that lit up the night. There were even animated neon signs like you would see on a Main Street, or in Times Square.

I took several pictures and videos, but unfortunately most didn't come out very well.

Pics from our NYC Adventure, December, 2006:

Nate on platform as our train approaches
the Montclair State University station:

Nate & I playing with our camera's
'self-portrait' setting while on the train:

Outside Macy's:

The Holiday Light Show in Grand Central Station:

Nate on the Grand Central Station Subway platform:

The Model Train Exhibit:



In front of the subway map,
on our way home:

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