Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seen this morning on HuffPo

That's the drag about being on the Left. You have less power than a gnat with a bad leg, but everybody accuses you of running the world.
          -- Zogimperator

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goodnight Iraq.

I turned on the boob tube tonight and learned that the last US Comabt Troops are exiting Iraq now, as I type this.

Yes, 50,000+ US Troops will remain in Iraq. And yes, our government and politicians still do things I disagree with.

But seeing our combat presence in Iraq finally leave evokes in me feelings of relief, happiness, and pride in our country.

Trouble syncing Windows phone to PC? Me too.....

Yesterday I discovered Microsoft OneNote, and almost immediately decided this was a really, really neat program. I wish I'd investigated it when I first encountered it a few years ago.

OneNote can sync with my Windows Mobile phone, but that wasn't happening. Eventually I discovered my phone hadn't sync'ed at all with my laptop since mid-July. (My email/contacts/calendar items sync wirelessly via T-Mobile, so I very rarely try to sync the phone with the PC.)

I spent a lot of time yesterday, and a few more hours tonight trying to resolve the problem. The computer runs Windows 7, so I've got Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1 installed. The phone is a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, running Windows Mobile 6.5.

I tried every solution I found online (via Bing, Google, T-Mobile, Microsoft, and HTC). No luck.

I found and unpackaged the USB cable originally provided with the phone and tried it. No luck.

After a few repairs and reinstalls of Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), several reboots of the PC and/or the phone, a system restore, and restarting services on the PC, all to no avail, I was beginning to lose hope.

Finally I set ActiveSync on the phone and WMDC to sync via Bluetooth. The sync started successfully and is still going. Hopefully it will eventually complete, and hopefully afterward the phone will sync via the USB cable as well. Here's hoping....




Another reboot later, and I can report that I still cannot sync via USB cable. Bummer.

I guess I just need to sync via Bluetooth when I need to sync.

Now I need to get to sleep.