Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Either the mainstream's nuts, or I'm dense.

Truly, I think I'm just dense in this case.

For what seems like at least two weeks now, the US political news has discussed a resolution being debated in Congress that, if I understand it correctly, would state for the record that Congress is opposed to the Bush administrattion's Iraq Troop Surge, and that Congress is critical of the handling of the Iraq 'war'.

Many news reports are discussing this issue. Many House and Senate members are spending a lot of time and effort on the issue.

I Don't Get It. This is a NON-BINDING resolution. IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. This would be like me telling somebody about to vote for a Republican "I think you're wrong." They aren't likely to change their vote. No penalties or ramifications occur.

I really don't see the point of a non-binding resolution, especially one that concerns important matters like this. It's not as though Congress is declaring they don't like the shade of green that Utica, Mississippi chose to paint a gazebo in a park.

What possible benefit can there be to something so meaningless, and why would allegedly intelligent Congress-critters spend so much time on this?

Over the last several years I've become more and more convinced that education is a curse, and being clueless and uninterested about world affairs is probably key to being happy. (And, apparently, key to becoming President as well.)

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