Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bits and flotsam....

Current mood = dreary.

Job still stinks. No calls back from the previous interviews yet.

Worked at my favorite client site today - 9 hours, still haven't solved the problem I was called in to fix yet.

Bought groceries, came home, had leftover chinese and an Abita Purple Haze.

Watched the last 30 minutes of Star Trek Voyager. I haven't watched Voyager in years. When it was current, I watched the first few seasons, and decided it was without a doubt the worst Star Trek series made. Tonight I gave it another chance. It's as bad as I remembered.

Now, I've just started watching Scrubs, a show I only recently discovered via syndication. Scrubs is an excellent show. However, in keeping with the theme, I've seen this Scrubs episode already, and I've only been watching the show for a few weeks.

Kids just came home. Gotta run.

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