Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Getting Better

Once upon a time, our den looked like this:

A couple of months ago our trusty old TV decided it was time to shuffle off into the light. Soon after, our den evolved, to look like this:

Even before purchasing the new TV the plan was to route the wires behind the wall. So, as soon as scheduling permitted, my father-in-law and I cut holes in the wall, installed junction boxes and wall plates for the various AV jacks, and the den looked like this:

Still, something was wrong with the picture. Obviously some improvement was still necessary, but what ever could it be ? Hmmmm….

How about….
Some new furniture, more suited to the situation? Maybe.
Cleaning the room, and discarding a lot of junk? That's a promising thought too.

How about BOTH? Eureka!!!!
I present, the den, take 2:

Still not perfect, but much improved.


Unknown said...

Take the CD/DVD Library and Videos off the wall and store them in book case or drawers and hang pictures or art to finish the look.

Great Improvement

Mom said...

I agree with Harold, but still am very VERY impressed by the effort it took from all of you to get this far. Keep up the good work.

mike said...
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