Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Out of sight, out of mind.

I believe that, with CNN and Faux News having moved on to other stories, most people in the USA have probably forgotten all abotu Katrina and Rita, and the devastation heaped on the Gulf Coast, and particularly on New Orleans.

I believe most people ALSO believe that the Feds gave a ton of money to New Orleans as disaster relief, and that New Orleans and Louisiana squandered the money, and have no justification for complaint.

The above is grossly inaccurate.

As with everything else the US Government has touched over the last several years, the entire Katrina-related operations undertaken were primarily a case of managing the media, and incompetently screwing up everything else.

Details HERE.

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Mom said...

While I have serious doubts about the usefulness of blogs, except to allow the blogger to vent, as most blogs are probably read only by truly devoted family and friends; I appreciate you exposing your readers to one of the sad stories that we Katrina survivors must cope with daily.