Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Did some reading tonight.

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
-- Albert Einstein

Early this evening I headed for Newark International Airport to catch a flight to Atlanta. I will be visiting a client tomorrow and Wednesday to install Microsoft CRM. Wednesday evening I return to NJ, the land of 20° swings from one day to the next.

I seldom fly, driving whenever possible, as the flying experience became dreadful over the last 25 years or so. When I arrived at the airport, I used the eCheck in kiosk, and was offered a seating choice! And the Exit Row was still available! I got myself a seat with no seat in front of it! I had more leg room than the high rollers in First Class. Of course, my seat was barely wider than a 6-pack, and the seatback reclined whenever I leaned back, even without me pressing the button to lean back. Also, going through security on my way to the gate, I had to throw out an unopened tube of toothpaste, an unopened bottle of water, and my shaving cream. At least the air travel experience held true to expectations.

My laptop is a little big, and very unwieldy in the cramped space of an airline seat, so on tonight's flight I didn't even try to take the laptop out of it's bag. I thought about taking out the Gameboy, but it wasn't worth the effort either.

I'd brought with me a book that I'd been wanting to read for several years - Driving Mr. Albert. On the flight down, I read the first 96 pages, almost halfway through the book. It's an entertaining book, and I spent a lot of thought wondering whether or not it's actually true, or a work of fiction. Every so often I'd come across a great quote, such as the one up above.

Now, I need to get some sleep.

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