Thursday, April 19, 2007

Things I've Learned Over the Past 24 Hrs., Vol. 2

1) LogMeIn-ITReach is an amazing product. I'm very, very tempted to purchase it and use it to support many of my freelance clients. Mom - if you're reading this, I'll probably try to use this to help with your printer problem.

2) I just solved a maddening problem involving Outlook Express 6. On this particular system, when trying to print a message from within OE6, the message would print out the HTML code that comprised the message, rather than the properly formatted message.

I found countless pages online telling me to disassociate .tmp from Notepad. These were all very old pages, and this solution was inapplicable to the involved system. I also came across many pages explaining how to solve the problem wherein OE6 doesn't print the headers to an email. Well, the headers were printing perfectly fine, thankyouverymuch.

I finally found a suggestion to reset Internet Explorer to the default web browser. I did that, and all of a sudden email messages printed with the proper formatting, and no longer included all of the HTML code in the printout. Unfortunately, the problem of the missing headers is now present. Fortunately, that problem is much more widely discussed online, there are a few workarounds, MS is aware of the problem, and has a hotfix available by request. I've requested it, and hopefully the new problem will be fixed once I receive the file from Microsoft.

Good night.

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