Monday, April 16, 2007

So, I just heard Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys....

And got to thinking about the old pop song 'Bomb Iran', that was such a big Flash In The Pan almost 30 years ago.

When the song was popular in the late-70's, I liked it a lot, and was all for bombing Iran. Of course, I was only 10 or 11 years old, so I'm curious how more mature, intelligent folks felt about things.

Before the current embarrassing mess with Iraq began a few years ago, I was against starting a war with Iraq, but not entirely sure about that. I'm now very much against starting an additional war against Iran.

I see 2 likely reasons for my different feelings on the matter then, and now.

Back then, I was very young, uninformed, and easily swayed by jingoistic hype. There is a second, valid explanation, as well. Iran had actually done something directly aggressive to the United States, something that was provocative and deserving of retaliation. In contrast, Iraq hadn't provoked the US in 2003, and Iran hasn't attacked us yet in current times.

I wasn't intelligently aware of world affairs in the late-1970s, however, so I'm still wondering how mature and wise adults felt about things then. I suspect they would have been against military action. If anybody reading this was a "grown-up" then, care to share your memories?

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