Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My latest fantasy:
1) Win a life-changing lottery pool.
2) Hire gardener/landscaper/yardguy.
3) Quit job.
4) Start a Computer Geek/Fix-it service providing services to the public, according to the following:
---- Unprofitably low rates - maybe $25 flat-rate or something like that.
---- Rather than accepting payments, have a computer set-up on the desk that 'customers' use to make online donations to a charity they choose from a list of charities I've selected.
--- Once the person needing assistance makes the donation, I fix their computer.

Keeps me feeling productive, improves the world, and hopefully is more relaxing for me than actually working for a business that must turn a profit.

And of course there's always my fallback-fantasy - retire, move to the Caribbean, and take a job as a taxicab driver for cruise-ship passengers, ferrying the tourists between the dock and the various on-shore attractions.

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