Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Loads to catch up on.

A lot has happened during July.

I spent a week in New Orleans, visiting my Dad and helping my Mom with stereo and computer issues.

Once I returned to NJ, my friend Jed flew up here and visited for a week.

During that week we took Nate & Maren to the annual West Orange family fun night at the town pool, we took the whole family to the beach at Point Pleasant, and the two of us spent a day in NYC.

Additionally Jed & I got to spend some time playing Magic:The Gathering, videogames, talking sci-fi, TV, and politics, and Jed taught Nate how to play Magic as well.

We baked an apple pie and chocolate chip cookies, and I sent Jed home with about 30Gb worth of music.

I took Jed & the kids to the monthly NAVA meet, and we just about identified every dinner establishment in the tri-state area that closes on Mondays.
All in all, a fun, exhausting week. Photos at Flickr.

Tomorrow, back to work.

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