Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's good for the Pachyderm is good for the Donkey?

For several years now, I've been absolutely disgusted, discouraged, dismayed, and depressed as the crooks infesting our White House ignored, desecrated, and trashed the Constitution of the United States. It's become clear that the Constitution has become an historic relic, admired in museums, and ignored in reality.

I've railed about the above previously, and the above is not at all the point of this post. In fact, I've just watched President Clinton give his speech to this year's Democratic National Convention, and I'm in a pretty good mood. My thought at the conclusion of his speech was that if the GOP can ignore the Constitution, so should the Democrats. I want Bill to be Pres again! He's good! I consider him one of the country's greatest presidents ever, and would LOVE to vote for him again.

God knows we need someone competent and well-meaning, to begin to recover from the worst disaster to hit the United States in history.

Of course, not being a Republican I can recognize reality, and understand the above is just wishful thinking. I WILL vote for Barack Obama in November, and God (& Diebold) willing, the election won't be stolen again, and President Obama will begin to repair what's been done to us.

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