Monday, November 27, 2006

And So It Begins...

Sometime ago, maybe September 2005?, I started up a blog over at Digital Press and began experimenting with the then-trendy 'blogging' thing. I had a bit of fun writing down my thoughts, opinions, and day-to-day rants and ravings in usually lengthy pieces, and I felt a small thrill on the rare occasions others would leave comments.

Then, a couple of months ago the DP site began suffering occasional growth-related problems (too many users, basically), and the moderators announced the site would be overhauled. During the process of revamping the site, there would be frequent outages, and when the new site rose from the ashes the DP blogs would be history.

This was disappointing to me, and after spending a few hours saving all of my existing blog posts to a local Word document, I essentially took a leave of absence from blogging while deciding where to begin my new blog.

Over time I hope to post the old blog posts to this new location, but given my tendency to start grand projects, and then not finish them, that may never happen.

Rather than letting this first post get far too long, I'll end this here. Life has been very tumultuos lately, though, and I haven't written a new post since late-September, so I'll catch things up in my next post.

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